The Rod Holder that makes sense, is easy to use and will hold it's size and shape in all weather conditions. After 4 years of thorough research and development, our rubber rod holders have exceeded our own expectations. Our Rubber Rod Holders were developed with the marine industry in mind. Using professional grade rubber, our rod holders will maintain their shape for years to come. The finger tip release make ours easy to use in summer climates or where gloves are required in the cold winter months. Your rods will never get scratched with the recessed screw heads. The stainless steel screws are included. And all Rubber Rod Holders are made right here in the USA.

Our Rubber Rod Holders have found many uses beyond the fishing industry. For example, the Police Departments are using them to secure their shotguns in vehicles, we have a Military Contract, Swimming Pool Stores, Kitchen Cabinet Makers, the Film Industry, and the Medical Industry.

We also offer marine grade Plastic Clips